When can I start Vaalai Pooja?

It is good to start as soon as possible because every second is valued. Starting on any day or any time is fine. Your stomach should be empty when you do this pooja. However, It is also suggested to start on a new moon day, but not mandatory. Doing this pooja in the early morning between 4.30 and 6.00 AM is special.

How many times per day should I do Vaalai Pooja?

Doing this pooja once in a day is enough. You should chant what you got 21 times at one stretch without any interval. This is one cycle. It is must to do at least one cycle before you start Vaasi.

How many days should I do Vaalai Pooja?

Till you breathe. If you are new to vaasi yoga, firstly, you should do Vaalai pooja for one mandalam (48 days) without doing Vaasi. Once the first mandalam is over, you should get theekchai (techinques with blessing) to start Vaasi. Whenever you practice Vaasi, you must do Vaalai pooja before that.

How many minutes should I do Meditation (Mouna thiyanam)?

As much as you can, but minimum 45 minutes per day after Vaasi.

What is the right time to do Vaasi Yogam?

Any time is allowed. Preferably, Morning 4.30 to 6.00 AM and Evening 4.30 to 6.00 PM are good. Empty stomach is important than timing.

How many minutes should I do Vaasi Koothu?

Minimum 45 Minutes after Vaalai pooja, followed by Meditation.

I am a Non-vegetarian, Can I do Vaasi yogam?

You can, but you should stop Vaasi till the stuff you eat gets removed from your bowl.

Can I take bath after performing Vaasi yogam?

No, you should not. Check “Do’s and Don’ts while practicing Vaasi” in Kalanchiyam Tab.