Sri Paattu Siddhar Ohm Sakthi Narayanaswamy is the founder of Sri Manonmani Siddhar Peedam and Sri Dharma Sastha Iyyappa Seva Charitable Trust, (Rgd. 136/2007) Sirkazhi, Tamilnadu. By the orders of the great Siddhars, he teaches the true education of Siddha’s mysterious immortal yogic arts to the souls which are in constant search of their owns. He passes this great treasure of real knowledge to the ones who seek for with a great deal of dedication. He never proclaims himself as “Guru”, instead, consider as a teacher who unveils the darkness. His passion in teaching is commendable. He is a living siddhar who lives so simple and sets an example for his followers.

Sri Arul Gnana Essaki Siddhar is a principle disciple of Sri Pattu Siddhar. He is from Kovilpatti, and is also called Sri Harihara Siddhar. By his name, he is a devotee of Sri hariharan ( God Iyyappa). Due to his continuous and devoted Pooja on Sri Iyyppa, the God blessed him with some unusual powers. As the effect his righteous deed, Sri paattu siddhar got an order from Sri Iyypa to teach Vaasi. Then pattu siddhar searched for Essaki siddhar and got him finally. Then happened the rest. He has carried out the yogic practice extremely well with great perseverance. Touching the heights and levels in vaasiyogam, he is fondly called as “Arul Gnana Siddhar” by everyone. The good news now is that he joins Pattu siddhar in every Vasiyoga class and gives theekchai to people.


With the blessing of Vaalai, Sri Pattu Siddhar and Sri Arul Gnana Siddhar are jointly Conducting Meiporul Upadesham (The True thing or True Wealth) and Vaasi yoga classes to group of peoples in various places. This is usually conducted by different spiritual volunteers or organizers in the local area where it is conducted. In the event, Sri Pattu Siddhar is preaching Meiporul Upadesham and Sri Arul Gnana Siddhar is offering Vaasi yoga deeksha. It is a great opportunity for the people who seek for the truth in our lives. During this course, the following are explained and made realized.

  • Panchakshara (Five holy letters )
  • The secret of one letter
  • Vaalai mantra deeksha (offering prayer to the real guru)
  • Thasa deeksha
  • The secret of opening the tenth door
  • An introduction to Vaasi yogam
  • Vaasi yoga deeksha

Prior registration is done for attending the class,. There is no compulsory fee, but donations are accepted from attendees for Annadhanam (offering food) and other charitable work of siddhar peedam. (See trust activities)

The forthcoming events are scheduled here:

Date Place Venue Contact
24-2-2017 Nagapattinam Nagapattinam @ 9:00 PM 91-9751112821
24-2-2017 Nagapattinam Nagapattinam @ 9:00 PM 91-9751112821
24-2-2017 Nagapattinam Nagapattinam @ 9:00 PM 91-9751112821